What are you doing in a dive like this?

August 16, 2007

The screams and epic splashes coming from Toronto Wednesday were the result of the National Cannonball Championships. For those who can’t remember their childhoods, that was the name given to swimming pool dives designed to make the biggest possible splash, and to cause a bit of pain as well.

First place went to the guy in this photo from Alberta – they call him the “Hurtin Albertan” – who, according to one story said doing these dives felt like running into a wall repeatedly.”

And for those who relish outrageous pickup lines, it strikes me that the perfect approach to somebody competing in this event would be, “You come to displace often?”  Here is a slideshow from the event:

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Brian Utley of Calgary, Alberta, participates in a national cannonball championship in Toronto August 15, 2007. Utley went on to win the competition. REUTERS/Mark Blinch


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Jeez. Based on that last remark I guess the only appropriate comment is “Eureka!”

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I think I’ve just figured out why Calgary’s suffered from so many nasty floods over the past few years.

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So, the nation is Canada? When they hold the International competition against the fattest nation on Earth, then you can talk to me.

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Are you sure he’s named Brian? He looks just like my old buddy Colonic.


Hi, Colonic!

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Two words:

Sports bra.

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Trident Splash: four out of five bald, unattractive fat national cannonball champions recommend it for their friends who chew gum.

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Have you seen his resume? Hire that man and pay him whatever he’s asking.

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We’re going to need a bigger pool.

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Nadia Kominic is not aging gracefully.

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hahahahaha this is one of my teachers lol and hes fell through the floor at our school 3 times they had to steel renforce the floor under his chair

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