Good luck on your autopsy, get well soon!

September 17, 2007

If you’re prone to nightmares, maybe you should just skip this item. I’m warning you right now.

coffin-200.jpgThe idea of being declared dead before your time isn’t new. Live burial was a big fear in the 19th century, exploited by Edgar Allan Poe in The Premature Burial. As you can see from this old illustration, there were even devices crafted into some coffins, in case you awoke six feet under. I’d like to meet the dude with the presence of mind to say, “Gosh, I seem to have been buried alive! I wonder if my cheap relatives sprung for one of those handy safety devices!”

Anyway, it turns out this Venezuelan guy may have gone through something just about as bad. According to media accounts, he was declared dead after an accident, taken to the morgue, and woke up in pain to find medical examiners performing an autopsy on him.

For their part, the examiners were good sports about it, and immediately began stitching up the incision they had made on his face, while presumably scrambling through the Yellow Pages looking for plastic surgeons. Here is the story:

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Having worked in a morgue, I am not the least bit surprised by this story.

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Well at least he didn’t wake up later in the game…oh, say about the time that they started pumping formaldehyde into him.

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“In other news, chaos ensued in the city morgue when a ‘corpse’ returned to life during the first stages of an autopsy. The situation was only complicated when the chief medical examiner dropped dead of a heart attack. On his way to the floor, he slammed into a tray of surgical knives. The knives then became projectile weapons and impaled the assistant medical examiner, killing him. As the former corpse ran to get help, he slipped in a puddle of blood and cracked his head open on the floor, dying once again. All I can say is…stay away from the morgue. At least until they’ve mopped.”

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