Just don’t make eye contact with it, Floyd

September 17, 2007

It’s time once again for our popular regular feature called Things Maybe We Should Have Mentioned in a Photo Caption, but Didnt.

This time around, the photo caption tells us that these guys are Bolivian indigenous people, here to support the rewriting of the constitution, and blah blah blah… But is there maybe something else going on here that photo clients and readers might want to know about? Some little thing? Their hats? Maybe. The colorful things around their necks? Perhaps.

Or maybe the fact that the group rewriting the freaking constitution seems to include GODZILLA? Hello?

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Bolivian indigenous people take a break as they attend an Indigenous meeting in Sucre September 10, 2007. Thousands of supporters of leftist President Evo Morales, including indigenous peoples, and coca growers gathered at stadium in the southern city of Sucre to express support for the assembly rewriting the country’s constitution. REUTERS/David Mercado


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As members of Bolivia’s old guard arrive at the meeting hall, Ernesto looks around him and wonders if someone slipped something into his breakfast quinoa.

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That is one ugly garden gnome.

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YOU stepped in it. YOU clean the tyrannosaur poo off your shoe.

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“I’m telling you. If you ignore it, it’ll go away.”

“Ok. Fine. But if it comes over here, I’m gonna throw you in front as a distraction while I run.”

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