Penne for your thoughts?

September 28, 2007

This isn’t what you’re probably thinking. 

This woman was not the victim of a Mafia hit, despite the telltale pasta on her head just like those wiseguys who often seem to flop forward into their linguine after they’ve been wasted. Nor is she doing some kind of bizarro tribute to Yankee Doodle, who stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni. 

No,  this model is just showing what happens when you take the phrase “angel hair” too literally: you wind up wearing a kind of clothing where you don’t need to ask the dry cleaner for starch, because it’s already there. This photo slideshow says it all:

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A model presents a pasta dress creation by Hungarian designer Virag Toth during a fashion show at an Italian restaurant in Budapest September 27, 2007. REUTERS/Karoly Arvai


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Isn’t that like making a hungry dog balance a milk bone on his nose?

Posted by Lady Weasel | Report as abusive

Next thing you know, they’ll be stapling bear claws and donuts to the models.

Posted by Lady Weasel | Report as abusive

That’sa lotsa pasta!

Posted by Lady Weasel | Report as abusive

“Penne” for your thoughts? “Angel Hair?”

Boy, you are really using your noodle today. Nobody’s gonna elbow you out of this gig any time soon. With someny puns, you make this look ruotine.

OK I’m done now.

Okay, John, you’ve gone pasta point of no return…

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Victoria didn’t realize that the designer was just showing off pasta accessories that her 6 year old made in class…

Posted by K | Report as abusive

Bob, please don’t encourage John.

Posted by K | Report as abusive

The designer is from “Hungry”.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

Sneeky cannibals.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive


Not quite sure where that came from.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

I hope to God she doesn’t go hot-tubbing.

Posted by Lucy | Report as abusive

You should never string macroni while being flown about in a gyrocopter.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

Dear Blog Guy,

I am deeply offended by this entire thread.

Al Dente