What do you mean, “ten, nine, eight…”

October 9, 2007

Okay, this career question came up a month ago with Holler if you see a flame, Bernie! and I’m starting to worry that it may be a trend.

I know for you young grads looking for action, a sexy job title like “Rocket guard who stands behind the tubes where the flames come out” sounds cool. But I mean, all you need is for that truck driver in Kazakhstan to hit a bad pothole, or toss his cigarette butt in the wrong place, or turn on his wipers but hit the red button…

And if that does happen, this poor dude’s last fleeting thought will be, “Why am I holding this gun, and what on Earth did I think these sunglasses would do for me?”

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A Russian policeman escorts the Soyuz TMA-11 rocket to the launch pad of Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan October 8, 2007. REUTERS/Denis Sinyakov


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Unfortunately for Mike, he underestimated his boss’ mean streak. He didn’t understand that the words “fired” and “toast” weren’t being used as figures of speech.

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You don’t like it here, you can just head south.

Show’em where “south” is, boys …

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Hmmmmmmmmm. Blazing Saddles?

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Ohhhh, so close.

Take the Money and Run.

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I like that they use a red color code for the end where fire comes out.

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Be vewwy vewwy quiet. I’m hunting wabbits. Somewhewe within thwee miowes of gwound zewo below gwound and seven to ten miowes above gwound. Hehehehehehe.

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Remember the space race? Welcome to the era of space pace yourself.

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Umm… Rockets aren’t fueled until they’re ready to launch if they’re liquid fuel, so, the only thing silly about this is the silliness of the idea that the guy is in danger… I guess it’s supposed to be funny. It’s not.

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Sure it’s funny…. Come on, let’s see a smile on that face….

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The fun began when Vladimir’s friends urged him to stand in front of the rockets. Little did he know that, contrary to custom, they were loaded to the brim with liquid fuel well before they were ready for launch.

Let’s see what happened when Vlad’s told him to relax and “have a cigarette” …

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