ANOTHER Da Vinci Code mystery?

October 11, 2007

supper-head-140.jpgOkay, Leonardo, what are you trying to pull now? I’ve seen the painting, read the book, and read some of the original book as well, and I know there isn’t some guy in a suit and tie slinking around The Last Supper behind the disciples, reaching down like he’s about to snatch a necklace from Matthew’s neck!

Attention on the set! Everybody who’s invited, take your seats! All the rest of you, move off-stage unless you get a call-back from our casting people…

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A curator arranges the clothes on wax figures of the twelve disciples, part of a composition depicting Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, in Sofia, Bulgaria, October 10, 2007. REUTERS/Nikolay Doychinov


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What am I doing in the diorama? None of your beeswax, that’s what.


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Did Leonardo label who is who in his painting?

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My great-aunt Sophie, who painted, once copied The Last Supper. She put makeup and earrings on Matthew because she was convinced he was a woman.

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I solved Berenger Sauniere’s secret. I explained my solution at my website

Berenger Sauniere found the third scroll and kept it at the church of St. Madeleine.

Berenger Sauniere knew where is hidden the Holy Grail. He learned this information by third scroll.


Ferhat Kanarya
Quest Finished. Where is the Holy Grail Hidden

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