Don’t listen to those Neanderthals, honey…

October 19, 2007


Quick. If I asked you for a word to describe a primitive, ignorant, grunting, unenlightened barbarian, you’d say “Neanderthal.” Imagine our surprise, then, at hearing the stunning news that some researchers think Neanderthals may have been capable of sophisticated speech.

Yes, they actually may have said stuff like, “Stop pounding me with that club,” or “Who borrowed my fire and didn’t return it?” or “What the heck happened to all the dinosaurs?”

So now, Neanderthals will probably get the most monumental image change in history, or, actually, prehistory. I guess I’m happy for them, but I hate to see the English language lose a perfectly good insult. That’s the kind of thing you can’t replace. Here’s the story.

Photo from ABC series “Cavemen”

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Wow! You haven’t changed one bit since high school.

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Pass himself off as Homo Sapien just until he sits down and gives himself a tongue bath… ALL over.

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Bath box

Great, hard hitting letter.

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[…] when scientists turn stuff upside down and you have to get used to it too quickly, like with that Neanderthal thing a few months […]

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