I’m not naked, I’m wearing a pumpkin!

November 1, 2007

“Hey Floyd, what’s that darned commotion?”

“Ummm, looks like lots of buck naked people running down the street with pumpkins on their heads.”

“Yeah, that sounds about right…”

It was time for the annual Naked Pumpkin Run, in Boulder, Colorado. Yes,  that is also the area where they have the Frozen Dead Guy Festival, and other stuff you can read about at Keep Boulder Weird.  I just keep wondering, the first time somebody runs smack into a brick wall at full sprint because of low pumpkin-head visibility, can I please be there when they call their health insurance provider?

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pumpkin-360.jpgNaked people wearing pumpkins on their heads run through the streets of Boulder, Colorado on Halloween night October 31, 2007 in the annual Naked Pumpkin Run.  REUTERS/Rick Wilking


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Maybe I should address this to the GBU editor, but can you be called “naked” when you are “wearing” a pumpkin on your head?

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Linus Van Pelt has a lot to answer for!

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You can see the popularity of this event by the fact that there are only four people participating in it.

“I’ve got an idea! Let’s tell Joe, Bobby, Mike, and Steve that they’re going to have a naked pumpkin run!”

“Mikey will believe anything!”

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This would be a much funnier spectacle if there were small gourds that were used to cover appendages.

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Late comers are cautioned not to try carving as they run, although you would think that would be kind of obvious.

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The candle is kind of hot, but what can you do?

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Got any video of the naked pumpkin run? LOL!

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Lady Weasel, I don’t think the pumpkin would be a problem, but the zucchini might.

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Boulder (home of the pumpkin run) and Nederland (home of Frozen Dead Guy Days) aren’t really in the same area. Well, they sort of are, but no one who lives in Nederland would say they live in Boulder, or vice versa. The towns have very different character. Boulder is more extreme liberal hippy, and Nederland is more I-can’t-deal-with-the-law- or-society’s-conventions-even-in-Boulder -so-I-moved- to-Nederland.

And I’m surprised that the Keep Boulder Weird website lists the CU 4:20 as smoking pot with near impunity, since the campus had cameras out there last year and punished every student they could identify.

In other words, even the people in The People’s Republic of Boulder think the people in Nederland are weird. Which is saying something.

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Actually, over 100 people participate each year, and there are “satellite” versions throughout, including one in seattle.

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