“Give ‘er another thump, Earl!”

November 19, 2007

Blog Guy, I need advice. I’m enlisting in the army, but I’m not sure what my specialty should be. I know there are some bad jobs that folks should avoid. Help!

You’ve got that right! The job in his photo is called “The dude who looks down rifle barrels to see if anything seems wrong.”  The trainees take classes like:

  • “Holding a gun over the campfire for a better look”
  • “Kicking that metal gizmo to loosen it up”
  • “Seeing how many bullets you’ve got left”

This is a bad career path just like other bad military jobs I’ve written about, in posts like What do you mean, “ten, nine, eight…”  and Holler if you see a flame, Bernie! 

rifle-300.jpgA serviceman of the Interior Ministry’s special unit looks down the barrel of his rifle during a competition near the village of Volovshchina, west of Minsk, November 14, 2007.  REUTERS/ Vasily Fedosenko

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Those Russian eye exams are brutal.

Vlad realized too late that his friends were only kidding about the little man that lives in his gun…

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You could poke an eye out like that.

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Not only that, but his ‘buddies’ rimmed it with black shoe polish.

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Doesn’t look like a guitar yet.

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Radial Caratotomy: The early research.

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Belarus produces some of the highest caliber soldiers in the world. At least, on the exit side.

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Thank God. There’s light at the end of the barrel.

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Russian Roulette: When you play the game with an automatic weapon, everybody loses.

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[thought bubble]
I refuse to sit through another America’s most Smartest Model one more time. Goodbye cruel Mindless Entertainment.

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Wow! It DOES look just like a bullseye. How Zen.

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I’m sure this is all in good fun, but the rifleman must have taken the dust cover off and the bolt and bolt carrier out in order to see anyhing. Which means he couldn’t discharge ammunition if he wanted to.

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