Ewwwww! Buddy, get a hanky!

November 28, 2007

Quick quiz: the guy in this newsphoto…

a) should have had that growth on his face looked at long ago
b) needs to learn to use a handkerchief in public
c) believes this ugly thing will earn more than $200,000 at an auction

Amazingly, the auction answer is correct. This hideous clump is the biggest truffle unearthed in 50 years, and some chef with way too much money will buy it to use in whatever you use truffles in. As a semantic oddity, you don’t use truffles in making truffles – I went to a Godiva shop and checked.


Italian truffle hunter and trader Cristiano Savini smells a 3.3 pound white truffle in Rome, November 27, 2007. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

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There’s not a thing I can write that doesn’t refer somehow to Spock mind-melding with a Horta.

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Are there any spore prints* that can make you stoned from snorting them?

*A spore print is formed when a mushroom is left on a piece of paper, either white or black, and released spores accumulate in the same way as does dust. A spore print can be used to assist in the identification of a mushroom. The collection of spores allows an observer to see, under magnification, the spore’s configuration, which may also assist in identifying the mushroom. Light colored spores show up very well on black paper and dark spores show up well against white and spores range widely in color. Mushrooms serve the purpose of spreading a fungus’s spores to reproduce and multiply the fungus beyond the range of the fungus’s fiberous tendrils.

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Hmmmmm smell my brain!!!!

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