Your whole stomach came out your mouth, huh?

January 3, 2008

“Dagnabbit! Looks like the engine’s stalled! We’re stuck here awhile.” Quick quiz: the place you least want to hear that sentence is…

  • a commuter train
  • an elevator
  • a roller coaster, just as you’re at the top of a huge loop

Yeah, roller coaster has to be the answer. Some poor folks got stuck like that with their legs in the air for 30 minutes on New Year’s Eve. They were treated at a hospital for “dizziness,” which I think is a euphemism meaning plastic surgeons had to sandblast a look of pure horror off their insanely frozen faces.

“We’re sorry about that, people. Let us make it up to you with free tickets to the Skywalk or the gyrocopter.” Here’s the story and here’s a photo:

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Not the one that stalled… Chinese soldiers ride on a roller coaster at a Beijing amusement park in a 2005 file photo. REUTERS/China Newsphoto


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Chinese military training takes on a whole new twist as Beijing readies its crack anti-gravity force.

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In mother-in-law’s driveway right after Christmas.
Outside bank you have just robbed.
At drive-in theater showing “Glitter.”

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What’s a drive-in theater?

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It’s a visual device which leverages your comedy premise. And you call yourself a writer …

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Well, as a journalist I am concerned….

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Oh. You’re calling yourself a journalist. My bad.

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Dear Journel,

It is only the third day of 2008 and already Bob and John are at it.

Does writing in my journel make me a journelist? If I post it on a blog, does that still count? If I post it on a blog instead of in an actual journel, am I a journelist? It seems a fuzzy distinction as long as I keep refering to this tiny text box as “Dear Journel.”

The grapes were delicious. I’m glad I froze them. I only wish they were truly pitless grapes.

No luck with the cancer vaccine experiments. Of course, working with lifesize plastic mockups filled with uncooked potato ‘tumors’ may be the problem.

I think the drunk guy on the corner was trying to hit on me again today. That makes it three days running. Maybe I should put on track shoes after I leave the office.

Child support is due. Gotta pay; I’m the daddy.

It looks as if I’m going to be passed over for promotion again this millenium. Maybe next one.

Found a quarter but it was came up from the floor with sticky, dried cola underneath.

My blog addiction continues unabated. I thought the dramamine patch might help but instead it made me D sick. Get it? I’m no longer sea sick. Okay, that joke sucks.

Why squirrels smell like that?

I can’t wait for Summer.

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Kim Hu Sun took a couple of super-wide horse hair pushbrooms and with a kilo of black boot polish, quickly turned a mighty profit as the platoon whizzed by.

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Ooooh. Christmasy.

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