Clone on the Throne?

February 8, 2008

queen-portrait-180.jpgHey, Blog Guy – I know you’re a history buff and I’d like your opinion.

I’m reading that runaway best-seller, “Tudor in a Tube.” It speculates that England’s first Queen Elizabeth, who died in 1603, was cloned a few years ago, and that the clone is being raised to wrest control of the monarchy from the current queen, as part of a plot against Prince Charles. Could this be true?

That is a very good question and of course this is the subject of several recent books.

I personally prefer the more scholarly work “Clone on the Throne?” but the basic idea is the same. I don’t know for sure if it’s true, but my own thinking is that a real Elizabeth clone won’t be hard to spot if she shows her face in public, so keep your eyes wide open.

A model presents a creation for Anna Sui’s 2008/2009 Fall/Winter collection during New York Fashion Week February 6, 2008. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a new Elizabethan era?! I would so like to see megalomaniac monarch solve political problems by yelling “Off with their head!” – and then really follow through. She could give her gazillion-times-removed descendant Elizabeth II some pointers, even fashion advice…


Posted by Dee T | Report as abusive

Yeah, that’d work.

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

I go out of town for ONE DAY and Bob begins hatin’ on redheads. Geez, Bob…

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive

Both the blog guy and the guy asking the question, about a Queen Elzabeth clone, are morons!!!!!! In today’s technology it is not possible to clone from dead cells. Also, If scientists were able to clone her, the Queen Elizabeth clone would be vastly different from the first Queen Elizabeth, because of societal changes from the 1600’s to now.

Posted by Amy | Report as abusive

Even if we were able to extract viable DNA from Queen Elizabeth’s corpse and clone it, the current cloning method causes so much damage (less than 5% of the clones even survive) that she would undoubtedly be severely retarded even if she escaped problems such as cancer, arthritis, and abnormal growth.

For example: Dolly, the cloned sheep, was put down at only half her normal life-span because of arthritis and lung cancer.

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Hey, thanks for the kind words, Amy – I’ve already added your note to my job resume.

So, like if it isn’t possible to clone the dead, then how can my neighbor two doors down be Mamie Eisenhower? Answer me that!

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OK — that’s ridiculous. Who would clone Mamie Eisenhower?

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

Ike would!

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Hey, let’s not joke about this, Charlene. Understandably, the “new” Mamie is conflicted.
She says there’s this guy in Tulsa who, for the right money, will arrange to clone anybody for you if you can give him a femur from the person or their belt buckle or something like that. This guy calls himself “The Clone Arranger.”

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I have John Candy’s femur and belt buckle (it’s a long story). What’s that address?

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

They have cloned human cells using DNA from multiple donors. If scientists can extract one fragment of information from one damaged cell and another from the next, in the end they may complete a dead person’s entire DNA chain. Does one section of DNA coding decay more than another? Are there portions of DNA more robust than others? Do those fragments contain more critical characteristics than others or is it all a crap shoot? The biggest obstacle is probably getting enough genetic material to fill in al the blanks. That, plus having the time and patience to complete the job. Then we could find out if she was a henna job or a natural red head.

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[…] Clone on the Throne? […]

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this is what i call fashion creation, rather than those hide-your-face weirdies, this is a turn-back time kind of thing. not a fashion show i saw had this elizabeth queen era feel to them. who cares about cloning and so on. enjoy the show!

Posted by mary | Report as abusive

Q: Who cares about cloning?
A: Mary II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII… IM, M. That’s who.

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