How Black and Decker got started?

February 13, 2008

Blog Guy, I got a new lathe for Christmas, and it made me wonder. Are there instruction manuals for power tools in every single language?

No. In many places, local do-it-yourselfers just gather in public and experiment with their new tools until they figure them out. Much is lost in translation, and this scene here seems to be a catastrophe in the making. Sort of like that time they tried mastering their new blowtorches.

stunt-drill.jpgStuntmen perform in a park to celebrate the new Chinese lunar year in Xiangfan February 9, 2008. REUTERS/Stringer

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This is what they do to political dissenters in China… [well, either this or force them to dress like fashion models]

Sort of like feeding Christians to the lions. Fun, huh?!

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You know, if your belly button lint is this bad, maybe you should just see a doctor.

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Dude needs to come to grips with his outie. There are worse things.

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Wayell, thayer’s yer problum. Ye fergot ter tighten dayown yer chuck!

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Test tube adults will do most anything to fit in.

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He’s screwed.

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Im intrigued to know the most/least effective type of drill to use.Wood,steel or masonary and which one you’d want to use the most or least effective.Puzzling ?

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