Use the puppy Dior, Precious!

February 20, 2008

dogs-tongue-180.jpgI’ve made fun of people who dress up their dogs in clothing, what with that being an unmistakable sign of the coming Apocalypse and all.

So people say, “Bob, you just let your dogs go naked?” Yes, I do. Then they say, “But my widdle Yorkie-porkie gets cold without his sweater!” and then I say, well maybe you should get a full-sized genuine shaggy dog that can handle real weather, and ship your Yorkie-porkie off to Miami. 

But it gets worse. There is a subset of this culture that isn’t happy putting regular clothes on dogs. No, they insist on using dog fashions copied from stuff worn by celebrities. So I guess there are dog parks now where people actually say, “Oh, what an adorable wiener dog, and isn’t she a dead ringer for Reese Witherspoon!”

Heck, that just may be the very sentence that triggers the Apocalypse.

Movie star clothing-clothing audio slideshow

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Lily models the J-Lo Oscar inspired gown at Little Lily in Los Angeles, California February 18, 2008.  REUTERS/Phil McCarten


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Lily looks far more beautiful in her outfit than ANY of the professional models on the page! Scroll down, you’ll see what I mean.

Oh, and as the proud owner of a Yorkie-POO [not porkie, where did you some up with THAT?!] I must say, she is far more attractive, totally naked, than most people I know!

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That bitch is HOT!

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The fashion industry has gone to the dogs.

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Lends ‘dressed weight’ a whole new meaning.

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If You will want to give your puppy Russell a bath every 2 months to keep him clean.

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How very fetching!

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Oh god, it’s getting even worse. Dogs are not supposed to wear dresses. End of story!

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