Shotgun wedding? roll out the double-barrel!

February 21, 2008

shells-this-140.jpgBlog Guy, I have a delicate problem. Our daughter is getting married next week and it’s a shotgun wedding. I’m choosing my dress, and I don’t know where I should carry my ammo for the event. 

Um, you may be taking that term a tad too literally. Modern parents don’t often tote a real shotgun to the nuptials. 

There are trendy tasers and other items to make sure the groom “does the right thing.” And check out this number, which incorporates your firepower right into the dress!

But, if your heart is set on a traditional, old-fashioned shotgun marriage, complete with showing your gauge to the engaged, I’d recommend this creation. It turns your extra shotgun shells into festive accessories in a truly glamorous outfit. Bridesmaids, lock and load!

fashion-weird-300-crop.jpgA model displays a creation by Fashion East during their Autumn/Winter 2008 show at London Fashion Week February 13, 2008. REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico

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See? Even leftovers can make a fashion show!

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What scares me the most about this is that she’s apparently No. 95 in the series.

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive

Pardon me. Are you the one the call Shelly?

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I believe that secretly, Robert Basler has been exploiting his deity-like access to the world of haute coture news to travel the world collecting outlandish hats, post-apocalyptical masks, explosive blouses, shimmering scarves that look sexy-scary, strings of beaded baubles, belts for chastity or not, parachute or helium pants, skirts plaited with leather atop gauze atop cellophane atop chain mail, dresses to die for in the most literal sense, stockings that don’t stop even as they reach up through the collar and fall back in a train, shoes that shine with LEDs and precious stones over spiked patent leather, and frightening but strangely bold and beckoning accessories of every shape and size. After years of collection, hundreds of thousands of dollars spent, bodies that have mysteriously disappeared, buckets of tears and mind gnashing but inspired agonization in borderline manic and way-over-the-line maniacal design, he may one day reveal to the world the most daring creation of a fashion vision, which will be awarded the singular title, “Most Oddest.” Or not.

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Dang. I forgot to clean out Ruffy’s chew toy box again.

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Those clothes remind me out of something from a Final Fantasy game.

Hell anything is fashion these days xD even left over, cut-up clothes

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