Is this a runway, or Tobacco Road?

February 22, 2008

smoke-mouth-160.jpgHaute couture is my life, but I must admit I’m baffled at times.

For instance, the photo caption calls this “a creation,” but to me, it just looks like some chick having a butt. Is smoking a cigarette with black gloves and red lipstick the creative part, or what?

Was this lady supposed to stop and light up on the runway, because I have to say that will make fashion shows pretty tedious. Perhaps the designer should have looked for a slightly less addicted model?

I’m telling you right now, if I start seeing fetchingly attired models festooned with nicotine patches, that’s going to detract from the fashion show aesthetic. And once they start hacking up yellow phlegm on the audience, well, that’s a little more glamour than I can stand….           smoking-300.jpg

A model displays a creation as part of DSquared2 Fall/Winter 2008/ 09 women’s show during Milan Fashion Week February 21, 2008. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo

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It’s Milan! That’s Europe. That’s the land of we-love-to-smoke-so-bite-me-you-American -health-nut! She probably just didn’t want to stop smoking long enough to sashay down the runway.

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They’re marketing to the “naughty Catholic schoolgirl” fetish. Which actually doesn’t make much sense, because since when do 50-year-old guys buy haute couture?

Also, given how high that waistline is, does she really need a blouse?

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive

Dear Charlene,
I’m not yeat 50 but if SHE will wear it for ME, I’m buying it.

Does she need a blouse? No.

I am happy I could answer both of these puzzling questions for you.

Your source for fashion information concerning the Middle Aged Man,


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Where the heck is my Big Book of Cardigan Jokes?

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Judging from the bruise on her elbow, she’s either a fighter or a ‘wrestler.’

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Is it just me, or is all I do is reply to my own comments?

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I think your right twice shawn…

It is just you…

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Another glamorous show. But why no one thinks about the youth extends to the symbols of glamor. Begin podrozhat. Do not be surprised if you soon will be a lot of clones with cigarettes and wearing glamorous

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