Life without cable TV…

March 5, 2008

dingo.jpgMany readers ask me, “Bob, what is life like in places where they don’t have cable TV, DVD shops, satellite dishes, Blu-ray and stuff like that?”

Well, it’s not so good, I’m afraid.

I am basing this answer entirely on 74 seconds of video showing a dingo named Dinky, who “sings” when people play the piano in this bar in Australia’s outback. He is the actual entertainment. I believe this is all the scientific research we need to do.

Oh yes, and we’re told that Dinky’s favorite tune is Beethoven’s ”Für Elise.” Get it? FUR Elise? I think someone may be having fun with us.

More outback news: I have a snake, and I’m not afraid to use it…

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This is more entertaining than anything on cable or satellite TV. Then again, so is cleaning the refrigerator.

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive

I used to play the piano and our basset hound would come sit next to me and “sing.” We didn’t have cable TV back then.

When they do get cable, how do they hook it up to the dingo? Technology stymies me.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

For some reason, the dingo doesn’t like it when they play that Blues Brothers tune, “I’m a Seoul man.”

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive