Why so crabby, Abby?

March 11, 2008

portugal-160.jpgBlog Guy, you seem to know a lot about the language. Recently I heard the expression “about as jolly as a Portuguese model,” and I was wondering what it means and where it came from.

A very good question. I’ve been combing through our photos from Lisbon Fashion Week, and I’m starting to figure it out.

Clearly, the expression you heard is pure sarcasm, as it appears the models there don’t even hit the runway until steam is coming out their ears and laser beams are shooting from their eyes. I’m fairly certain it has to do with the fact that they’d rather be modeling in Brazil.

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REUTERS photos by Hugo Correia

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OK, the bottom four photos are Nicole Kiman’s evil twin. And yes, she is po’d.

The top model clearly had a beehive and it fell down. Oops.

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Apparently “constipated” is the new makeup look for spring 2008!

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I’m too sexy for my smile, too sexy for my smile, joy’s going to leave me. 😐

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Clearly, these models are from Finland.

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Looks like their doing a remake of “The Exorcist”.

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Try rocking back and forth, that might help you go!

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