Must be a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation class!

March 31, 2008

kiss.jpgHere in America, we have a saying, “pulling a fast one.” Let me try to give an example.

Okay. Say some French dudes gather 100 people together to set a record for a human chain of French kissing, and then start going at it.

A record? A hundred lousy people? Have they never been to a semi-rowdy junior high party?

“The French kiss has to be the new symbol of happiness and freedom,” explains one of the guys on our video report. Well, maybe English just isn’t his native tongue, pardon the pun, but I believe that just translates to “We don’t have enough money to go on a date, but we’ve heard people will do anything if they believe it’s for a world record.”

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In that vein, I’m trying to set a record for the most money collected by Internet volunteers to send me on a date.

Aaaw. Cricket noises?

You all suck.

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I don’t know where that mouth has been but it tastes faintly of Huachuca City. Really.

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Your park or mine?

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After tasting the spit of one hundred mouths, Jacques became sick of kissing.

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Imagine the all the little viruses currently known in our gene pool being swapped, re-swapped. Only the French will happily swim in a river running beside a nuclear reactor and claim it is 100% perfectly safe, so what difference is there swapping spit with those with a preference of a much lesser hygiene standard. Mmmm I can taste that ashtray.

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