Scan me with evil bars, Satan!

April 2, 2008

bar-vert-160.jpgYou may have read about this cult in Russia, where members are gradually leaving their leaky, collapsing underground bunker even before Doomsday, which they reckon will come this month or next.

If you’re thinking of joining up, here is a statistic: nobody in the history of doomsday cults has ever died being right, and chances are far greater you’ll end up dying of embarrassment. Even if one of these cults DOES prove correct, they won’t be able to gloat about it. Where’s the fun in that?

These folks do have some legitimate concerns. They oppose processed foods, and think credit cards and bar codes are Satan’s work. So if you go looking for them, don’t bother with the Velveeta aisle at Piggly Wiggly. “Dear doomsday cult member, congrats! You’ve been pre-approved for a platinum Visa…”

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doomsday-360.jpgA woman with a child walks in front of a fellow member of a doomsday cult as they leave their bunker, followed by their leader Pyotr Kuznetsov (rear) and a previously departed believer, in Russia, April 2, 2008. REUTERS/ Denis Sinyakov

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I’ve been to Russia. I am amazed anyone opposes credit cards or processed foods, since there are so few of them in Russia. They probably just feel about them the same way I do about text messaging – it seems like the work of the devil because why on earth do we have e-mail??!!

Posted by Dee T | Report as abusive

I can see their point on processed foods. Most processed foods have three ingredients: fat, salt, and whatever “food” was cheapest at the wholesaler that week. The recipe is one cup of salt and one cup of fat per “serving”.

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive

Stop it, Charlene! Now you’re making me hungry!

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

In Soviet Union, cave watches you!

It’s been a long day …

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

At least the guardians of the little children of this cult had the decency to remove them from the scene. It was reported the leader of this cult waited outside of the cave while all his followers were inside? Was he going to join them or like many of his kind run away and save himself when things turned bad. IF the world was going to end soon what would hiding in a cave do anyway? I would want to see the beautiful faces of my family and beautiful scenery around me just before it all ends, not hiding in some dark dank hole around some narcissistic arrogant ‘tosser’ ranting how it was everyone’s fault why the world was ending and that our souls will be freed forever more….blah blah….. (or something like that).
But they definately DO have a point on processed food. May God help them to choose a better path for their children and have the choice of real food and saying NO to processed food.

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