We who are about to eat cheese salute you!

April 8, 2008

gladiator-face-160.jpgIf you’re thinking of a public relations career, watch and learn. Italy recently did a recall of some mozzarella cheese linked to dioxin contamination. Okay, so how do they restore public confidence in the product?

a) Trot out scientists to say how safe it is
b) Trot out doctors to say how safe it is
c) Feed it to gladiators to show it doesn’t kill them

If you chose gladiators, you may have a future in PR! They fed cheese to these guys who wear flimsy costumes and pose with tourists in Rome, and I guess it worked. But I keep thinking hey, didn’t gladiators go to the Colosseum to die, anyway? So who cares that a gladiator is willing to eat the stuff now? “Sure pal, give me another mouthful, I may as well get it over with.”

More gladiator news: Put on your “glad” rags!


Man dressed as a gladiator eats buffalo mozzarella cheese in front of the Colosseum in Rome April 2, 2008. Italian buffalo mozzarella cheese producers organized a demonstration to prove the quality of their cheese. REUTERS/Tony Gentile

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I am definitely not Spartacus on this one. Pass.

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

What’s the matter with a little dioxin in the cheese? It’s scattered all over our land, is present in our water, and for all I know is belched out by our cars into the air we breathe every day. The mere fact that somebody found a trace amount of it in a bit of otherwise high-quality cheese doesn’t scare me a bit. I will eat it anyday. There are plenty of other scary things in this world to worry about.

Posted by Bruce Ulanet | Report as abusive

Yes, and they probably “saluted” everyone again about three hours later.

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive