I guess we’re playing stud?

April 12, 2008

Blog Guy, I’ve heard there is a kind of poker played with live, gun-toting  troops.

cards-140.jpgThat’s “Neck Deck Poker,” or “Ante Maim,” where 52  armed soldiers each have one card behind their head. They jump in a pile and roll around, to “shuffle” the deck.  Then they put money in the pot and form poker hands. This pair of deuces is going for a full house, which…

Stop! That’s utter pig slop! You made it up to support a funny photograph. I’m going to another blog!

But wait, I haven’t told you how they cut the cards! 

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cards-360.jpgParamilitary police at training session in Beijing April 10, 2008. Playing cards ensure that the police maintain good posture. REUTERS/Joe Chan

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In my experience bringing a fully automatic assault
rifle to the table makes anything a winning hand.

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I found out, in the course of researching this post, that there is a configuration of hole cards called AK 47, consisting of and ace, a king, a four and a seven. Of course, unless you have another Ace, that’s not worth much.

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Well, it does hide their ponytails.

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And they do call a pair of aces “bullets.”

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