That young guy sure is out of shape!

April 16, 2008

nissan-2-160.jpgEver want to feel what it’s like to be really old? No,  me neither. Well, the Nissan folks have an “aging suit” to simulate bad balance, stiff joints, weak sight  and extra weight, so their car testers can experience problems faced by older people. I’m not making this up.

Let’s think. Aren’t there millions of actual seniors who could use some extra money, and who wouldn’t need to strap on a custom Old Guy Suit?

Couldn’t the geniuses at Nissan just follow the mailman when he’s delivering the AARP Bulletin next month, knock on a few doors, and show some grandma her experience has value? Nah, easier just to turn junior into the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.  

“Hurry up and crash, Joey! We can wear these duds over to the Cineplex for the senior discount!”

Aging suit slideshow and Video report

nissan-1-360.jpgEmployee wears “aging suit” designed to simulate physical effects of aging at Nissan Technical Center in Atsugi, Japan, April 15, 2008.  REUTERS/Kiyoshi Ota

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It’s a culture thing; the Asians respect older people and wouldn’t see anything funny in trying to make their lives more comfortable.
They are a very pragmatic lot at Nissan and have an ideology based on making a quality product ahead of squeezing maximum profit out of old technology.
Don’t you think it creditable that they apply innovation and lateral thinking in their research and developement program?
To mock their radical approach to caring about their older customers as well as the young and active would be to show ourselves as shallow and lacking imagination.

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Like you aren’t, Grandpappy Basler.

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Besides, Carter, they have all that retirement money to spend. Nissan, or any other self-respecting business people for that matter, are surgically precise when it comes to emerging markets. All hail profit at the expense of the octogeneriatric. And beyond!

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