Ed, neanderthals wanna refinance our loan!

April 17, 2008

neanderthal-crop-120.jpgScientists recently stunned us by saying neanderthals were capable of sophisticated speech. I predicted a huge image boost for this much-maligned group, and now it’s starting. German officials have called a plan by President Bush “neanderthal,” but it’s not clear if that was 100 percent complimentary.

And yesterday, researchers simulated how neanderthals may have sounded. So now, many readers are asking, “Bob, who cares how they sounded?” Here’s why you should:

  • Neanderthals are increasingly working as telemarketers, so knowing their sound provides a useful warning.
  • Recognizing the neanderthal voice is extremely helpful when watching some TV political pundits.
  • We now have the abilty to decode the massive neanderthal oral history, if we can find an eight-track player that works.

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neanderthal-face-200.jpgUndated photo shows replica of a neanderthal. REUTERS/Handout.

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So, what convinced the sculptor that Neanderthals shaved their faces?

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Its very sad that a news agency as big as Reuters chose to be insensitive and judgemental. I think your attitude is like “if all the blacks were dead in this world, its ok to call then ni…ers”.

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