Tell the back row to pass the toilet paper!

April 18, 2008

Blog Guy, you give great travel advice. I would love to go overseas, but I’ve always been worried about, well, you know…

The bathroom situation? You’re not alone. A new poll shows Americans list their top five foreign travel concerns as:

1. can’t find bathrooms
2. dirty ladies’ rooms
3. dirty men’s rooms
4. having my kidney taken out while I sleep
5. rough, splintery toilet paper

But those days are gone in most destinations. Look at this brand-new public facility in Lebanon. Clean, no waiting. Of course, they do still have a little work to do on the privacy angle, and lighting would help at night.

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toilet-2-360.jpgWoman walks in display of toilets to commemorate the Lebanese civil war between 1975-1990. The Beirut display is called “Haven’t 15 years of hiding in the toilets been enough?!” REUTERS/Jamal Saidi

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…few people were frightened by the invasion of toilets…until the swirlies began…

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You realize that for a person with irritable bowel syndrome, this is a vision of hell??!!

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Easy to load but difficult to aim.

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Not a newspaper in sight. No wonder there was civil war.

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I may not know art but I know when I’ve got to go.

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[…] I’ve exposed the so-called gyrocopter, bad budget airlines in Tibet and other cheap flight plans. I’ve written about the most important travel concern of all, foreign toilets. […]

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