Did I eat this food once already?

April 24, 2008

crane-180.jpgWe’re starting to get more and more photos of events like this, where you eat lunch at a table that is suspended by a crane, four miles up in the air.

Okay, maybe not exactly four whole miles, but still pretty high up. I believe a 1960s rock group said it most eloquently: “Kicks just keep getting harder to find.”

I’ll be candid about this. It isn’t natural. If I’m going to eat at this altitude, I expect to be surrounded on all sides by a commercial airliner. And if I’m ever drugged and kidnapped and I wake up dangling like this, well, they’d better be feeding me something like pea soup, that looks about the same no matter how many times it ends up on my plate, if you catch my meaning.

Suspension slideshow, and more thoughts on


Hungarian journalists have lunch at a new event venue which offers dinners “in the sky”, for guests seated around a table lifted by a crane above Heroes Square in Budapest, April 23, 2008. REUTERS/ Karoly Arvai

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Journalists floating high above the common man. Huh. I wonder where they gathered the notion.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

So what happens if you drop your napkin?

Posted by Fortunalee | Report as abusive

Never mind the napkin, what happens when you drop your fork? Is there a clear zone below or are unsuspecting victims of potential cranial cutlery assault wandering underneath?

Posted by Jackie B | Report as abusive

Napkins? Forks? You people are failing to see the bigger picture here. Do you SEE anything that looks like a restroom? I mean, apart from the street below?

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

What if I want a refill on my diet coke? Or what if my steak is not well done? If I get a call on my cell, must I be rude and take it at the table? Ah, the social faux pas this makes possible! I can just see it now – I spill my drink into my dinner partner’s lap, he jumps with a look of startled surprise, which grows ever more startled as he loses altitude…

Posted by Abs | Report as abusive

I’m waiting for the Chef’s Surprise when the hard coupling gives way and they plummet for ten meters (metres, for you Euro folks) before the bungi begins to take up slack. Dessert, anyone? Seat belts?

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