Life is swell in our cartel!

April 28, 2008

kaibil-skull-120.jpgLife a struggle? Help us smuggle!

Let’s say your business requires you to transport certain items quietly, without much attention. I believe the technical word for it is smuggling. Where do you get guys to do that for you? The local pool hall?

If you’re in Guatemala, it turns out you just advertise on radio, as if you were selling Buicks or something. The ads, aimed at recruiting elite Kaibil ex-soldiers, offer work “securing vehicles transporting merchandise to Mexico,” and then, naturally, they give a contact phone number!

Our story says officials are “investigating” the ads, but that’s a tough one. Gosh, where would you even begin?

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kaibil-2-300.jpgKaibils cross a river during an exhibition in the Special Forces Brigade, known as “Kaibil`s Hell”, in Guagemala, in a 2006 file photo. REUTERS/Carlos Duarte

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I know I’ve written it before but here we go again.

Is this stream getting warmer?

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Will somebody please pick Lieutenant Shorty up from underwater? Thank you.

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Elite rangers? Let’s see them crossing a stream like that in Washington or Alaska.

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I’m sure if the need arrose, the stream would be crossed where ever it was located. We were told, “IF YOU GET LOST, DON’T CROSS DE RIVER” La Paz River was not something I cared to cross, though.

Si Avanzo, Sigueme! Wait, this water is DEEP!

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