Only a model? That’s a crock!

April 29, 2008

crock-140.jpgMemo to senior zoo management: The crocodile show opens soon, and we need to be ready. I’ve noticed that our big crocks are pretty dirty, so we really need to spiff them up.

I know our workers don’t like to get inside those jaws and clean out old body parts and crud, so here’s my idea. Tell them these are only MODEL crocodiles, not real ones. Crocks sit really still for long periods, so it could be HOURS before the cleaners find out the hard way…

“Hey, get way down in there with that Gator Floss, Tommy! He won’t bite you!”

“Stick my arm WHERE?” tourism…

crock-360.jpgA worker cleans a large model crocodile in preparation for a live crocodile show opening next month in Manila April 28, 2008.
REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

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That would be one happy croc if it was real.

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