Another chance to be pompous!

April 30, 2008

smart-140.jpg “You aren’t too smart. I like that in a man…”
– great line from the movie “Body Heat”

There has never been a better time to be a show off. Just last week I posted an item about a new magazine called Snob. And now, here we are with a special online dating service just for really, really  smart people.

All you have to do to qualify is go to – nothing pretentious about that, is there? You have to take this test that proves whether you’re worthy to see the names of other people who passed it. 

The next thing that happens, you get a personalized message just like I got.

iq-sorry-360.jpgI think the message comes from this woman who started the service, who sent us a black and white picture of herself to use with our story.

Hey lady, I’m studying up for my last chance to pass your test. But you know what? I already know about color photos!

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[…] Another Mensa reject – even rejected from the Smarty Pants Dating Service. […]

Posted by Smarty Pants Dating Service – Reuter’s Writer Rejected. | Baby Boomer Going Like Sixty | Report as abusive

You saw the picture before you “took” the test? Interesting …

Posted by John C Abell | Report as abusive

I think really really smart people should meet, and breed precocious children. The world will briefly benefit from these super genius progeny when they’re between 15 and 25 – then they will wind up cleaning toilets or in the loony bin. I’ve seen it many times.

Posted by Dee T | Report as abusive

Don’t worry, I was rejected too. We should start an “ Rejects Dating Service”!

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

What happens after you pass? Did you have to create a fake email account on Google or Yahoo to re-take and get the failed message? How many times did it take you to fail convincingly? Tell us, Bob.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

Dear DT,
Which, the bins or the bowls? Sorry. Had to read it twice; it’s THE bin and multiple toiletS.

Your bud,

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

It’s a hoax, guys. It can’t be wrong twice.

Posted by Shawn Hendricks | Report as abusive

I am clever. I passed

Posted by john lloyd | Report as abusive

Lame… Ok – being pompaus … I have an IQ well about the threshold… and I didnt pass… it just keeps asking you more and more ‘IQ’ questions… I think was on about 30 or so before I gave up …


Posted by Lame | Report as abusive