Dress recaptures movie magic?

May 4, 2008

itch-120.jpgMemo to staff: This seemed like a great idea, designing a dress that evokes the iconic image of screen goddess Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up in a sudden gust from a subway grate.  

But I have to say our version lacks the whimsical  sensuality of the original. It turns out, artificially holding the skirt up with heavy starch and coathangers looks less like a great moment in movies, and more like a big sailor hat.

What if we sew in a push-button electric fan gadget to blow the skirt up at random now and then? Who’s with me on this? But make sure the models sign that personal injury waiver…


(movie poster, The Seven-Year Itch)

A model poses during a fashion show by students of National Institute of Fashion Technology in Hyderabad, India,  May 2, 2008. REUTERS/Krishnendu Halder

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This is the crumb-catcher version, right?

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Are you sure this isn’t the toilet paper outfit from last week?

Also, I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that she’s wearing pantyhose without shoes, or the fact that she’s wearing pantyhose at all. Of all the fashion trends of the past decade, I fully support one – the banishing of pantyhose.

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Bravo Reuters, this piece of Marilyn Monroe journalism is not as harmful to history as the Keya Morgan bs that you threw at all of us. The sex tape does not even exist and yet Reuters isn’t even publishing a follow-up?
So this rag is looking like the iconic Monroe dress in your eyes? Mhhhh, just let me think for a bit how anybody can sit down and drive or, oh well if someone wears such a creation, they are possibly carried around like Cleopatra, laying down and being fed some grapes, maybe?
Why not remember the last thing we heard about the ‘iconic dress’ worn by La Monroe?
William Travilla the ‘lost’ collection exhibit made it now once, but twice to a public display, and they were ripping off people left and right by showing 100% fake ‘costumes’ that they claimed were worn by Marilyn Monroe. But they were not. That ‘exhibit’ of fakes is now also history and it was like going to a gallery, paying $20 admission and looking at seven rip-off copies of Picasso or Dali, or Monet or Rembrandt or even Warhol, yet then later you find out, that these claimed to be ‘originals’ were really fakes. What would you do, how would you feel?
Maybe like the model who does not really know what to think about this piece of table cloth. She is somehow looking like the moving table people who serve you food, in NYC, just with a shorter version….
Here is a link:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvJe8Sas4 5E

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