Okay, now show your ammo to Sister Ann…

May 23, 2008

guns-face-140.jpgToday we have an extra special edition of our popular feature, Things Maybe We Should Have Explained in a Caption, but Didn’t. This actual photo caption says priests are checking firearms, as if that’s just typical.

Excuse me, Padre, the country ran out of sin, so you’re just wandering around inspecting firearms?

I can’t be bothered to research this, so I’m going to presume it’s “Wacky Career Day” in their town. Clergymen inspect guns, florists become proctologists, pig farmers hear confessions, concert pianists pilot commercial airliners…

So that explains that. But what makes this an especially bizarre caption is that it also leaves us wondering about something else: Why in the fricking world is this priest giggling while he’s holding a rifle barrel? I guess we’ll never know…

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guns-360.jpgPriests check the firearms of Marines who will be sent to Basilan province in southern Philippines during the 110th founding anniversary of the Philippine Navy in Manila, May 20, 2008. REUTERS/ Romeo Ranoco

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You must file down the hammer release pawl at least .25mm, my son.

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My brother’s undertaker business is kind of suffering. Can you help me out? Bless you.

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“Now remember guys: if you could keep the number of friendly fire casualties to less than say 30 % of the overall total we would appreciate it. Jeez people get pissed when GI’s shoot em by mistake!”

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I’ve been to the Philippines. This picture totally makes sense! Possible captions:
“People have been leaving early…”
“I’ve been thinking about new ideas for pennance. Our Fathers and Hail Marys just aren’t cutting it anymore!”
“This could really help with fund raising!”

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Joining this fund-raising raffle is pretty cool! Now, did the bishop win that grenade launcher thing?

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