Joey, where’s the roof of my car?

May 27, 2008

roll-300.jpgBlog Guy, I just graduated from college and I’m looking at careers. Any suggestions? My degree is in English literature. 

In that case, the exciting field of stunt driving may be one of the few careers open to you.

Borrow your mom’s car, set up a ramp, and try rolling a few times. If you don’t barf much, this may be the job  for you!

Wow, thanks! What if Mom’s car catches on fire?

Good point. Better take a friend along so you’ll have a ride home. Now, watch this slick, informative stunt driver recruiting video, which should answer all your questions.

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Think the cars are wrecks? You do NOT want to see their underwear.

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Next time you need your memory jogged, why not try… um… jogging?

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