Garlic ice cream? I should think not!

May 29, 2008

Remember me, Blog Guy? My photo collection of the rich and powerful eating ice cream is queen-crop-face-160.jpgreally taking off, thanks to your help! You mentioned you were trying for a shot of Queen Elizabeth. Any luck yet?

No. We were all set to get one at a demo where ice cream was being made, but instead of scarfing down a big scoop with her bare hands as we were expecting, the Queen just made a hideous face.

That’s scary! What do you suppose happened to that chef?

Oh, grow up! We all watch The Tudors. What do you THINK happened to him?

Ice Cream of the Rich and Famous: Super-rich guy and Political scoops

queen-360.jpgBritain’s Queen Elizabeth grimaces as chef Heston Blumenthal makes ice cream using liquid nitrogen during the launch of the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, May 28, 2008. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

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Now I’m confused. I thought Great Britain always was a Royal Institution.

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I guess she really does want to scream for icecream.

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CC Jesup…

maybe i need to read more about…..

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