The reign in Spain is staring at the ring…

June 6, 2008

king-cap-180.jpgOh what have I done? I just came here to wear a funny costume and torture poor animals, but now the KING is here! I’m SURE it’s the king, I’ve seen him on television!

I should give him something. He’s the king! I could hurl my shiny sword at him, but you can get in trouble for doing that… They would call me “The Stupid One.”

I could toss my Official Bullfighter Cap, but then my costume wouldn’t be complete… And what if he wants money, too? Why oh why didn’t I just go to the Flan Festival with the other guys today?

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king-2-300.jpgSpanish King Juan Carlos tries to get the cap thrown by Spanish bullfighter Javier Conde during a bullfight at Madrid’s Las Ventas bullring June 5, 2008. REUTERS/Juan Medina

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Well, based on the expressions ranging from bored to disgusted, I’m guessing bullfights might not be what they used to. Sorry Your Highness but this hat trick appears woefully inadequate. Perhaps it’s time to allow gladiatorial combat back into the arena.

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Another FlanFestic article, Mister B.!

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Okay, so Reuters can’t get in trouble for goofing on Spain’s figurehead.

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Sure, you are the king, but I got all the great clothes and the chicks are all into me. Why are all these guys staring?

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I love the look on his face. “Sorry, Your Majesty: I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am”.

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