The perpetual papal presidential present!

June 16, 2008

pope-crop-160.jpgWhen President George Bush went to visit Pope Benedict,  of course he wanted to take something nice. So what did he offer? Um, a picture of himself together with the Pope.

I know it’s hard to shop for a pope, but still this seems odd. Doesn’t the Vatican have its own printers to grind those out in the event the Pope wants a photo of himself with someone who is going to be a world leader for seven more months? And what did the Pope give Bush in return? Oh. That would be an autographed picture of the Pope. Seriously.

So here’s what I think would be cool. I’m going to send them a big copy of this picture of Bush and the Pope holding the picture of Bush and the Pope. Then, if I can just get a picture of the Pope holding the photo of him and Bush holding the photo of him and Bush…. Well, you get the idea. It’s the Perpetual Papal Presidential Present!

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pope-360.jpgPope Benedict XVI receives a picture from U.S. President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush (L) after a meeting in the medieval St John’s Tower in the Vatican Gardens on June 13, 2008. REUTERS/ Filippo Monteforte/ Pool

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Hahahahahahahahaah! Brilliant!

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Better than a picture of Guantanamo, or Abu Ghraib, or shock and awe bombing of Baghdad.

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