This is a sandal scandal!

June 22, 2008

versace-120.jpgI know everybody is influenced by everybody else in the fashion industry, but… Our photo caption on this Fashion Week shot from Milan calls this a Versace “creation.”

Pardon me? I believe this form of footwear has been around since folks were numbering their years with BC instead of AD. Sandals were not  created for some Milan fashion show.

So despite countless ancient marble statues showing Greeks and Romans wearing leather flip-flops,  we’re supposed to think some Versace designer just woke up one recent morning and said, “Whoa! I’ve got SUCH an idea for shoes! Leather soles and straps! It’s so much better than loafers or pumps!”

Oh sure. And this is 2008 BC and I’m off to kill some big dude with my slingshot.

fashion-sandal-360.jpgDesigner Donatella Versace in April, 2008. REUTERS/Mike Theiler

A model displays a creation as part of Versace Spring/ Summer 2009 men’s collection during Milan Fashion Week June 21, 2008. REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo

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Now come on: it never even entered the ancients’ minds to make $1,000 shoes out of dark orange plastic, did it?

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You’re obviously not familiarized with the terms used in art or fashion, i guess. “creation” doesn’t mean they invented, but merely created it. it doesn’t mean it never existed before, just as a painter may “create” a painting but didn’t invent paint, or canvas or the idea of putting them together. don’t be such a smartass.

now artists refer to “artistic production”, rather than “creation”, but that’s another issue…

Posted by Marina Reyes Franco | Report as abusive

Boy are you ever in the wrong place if you don’t enjoy smartass….

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

Please don’t post any more photos of Donatella, OK? I am trying to eat my lunch. I’d rather see that woman with the pierced face, ugh…

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