Hand grenades and lemonades…

July 1, 2008


Updated with video report

Here we are in Beirut, a city that has endured far more than its fair share of war and bloodshed, and we’re going to open a fast-food restaurant. What would be a good theme for it?

I know, how about war! We’ll draw on the natural connection between killing and eating! We can call it Buns and Guns, and we’ll put the tables behind sandbags. We’ll have war relics all over, and the chef can dress in camouflage! Our motto: A sandwich can kill you…

Let’s brainstorm this. Guns don’t kill people, burgers do! Spread the mayo with your bayo! Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, shoot the troops that come to get us! Hey, maybe something about a “Big Mac attack,” unless that’s already been used.

You don’t know which of this stuff I made up, and which is real. Kind of scary, huh?

Buns and Guns slideshow


Customers are seen behind a translucent poster at fast food restaurant “Buns and Guns” in Beirut June 27, 2008. The restaurant’s chef wears a military outfit and its customers sit behind a wall of sandbags. Food is served under the slogan “a sandwich can kill you.” REUTERS/Cynthia Karam

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Wow, there’s some real expansion potential here. What about an adjoining casino featuring Russian Roulette? Perfect place for a shellshocked victim to go after enjoying a meal and hearing the sounds of gunfire over the speakers.

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I cringe when I think of the toys that come in the kids’ meals.

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As a Lebanese American, I am thoroughly disgusted by this. While I do understand the need to capitalize and turn a bad event into an opportunity, I just can’t see this as being anything other than bad taste…literally.
I don’t know anyone other than immature teenagers who would attend such a place.

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