Please look at me, Senator!

July 7, 2008

mutt-face-180.jpgIt seems Barack Obama has promised to get his daughters a dog after the election. You can even go to an American Kennel Club site and vote on a breed for them, in case the Obamas want your opinion. The AKC says, “presidential purebred dogs are as traditional as baseball and apple pie.”

But tradition isn’t all good. There was a time when choosing U.S. Presidents of a certain breeding, race and gender was traditional. Times change.

So here’s my vote. Win or lose, the Obamas should visit their local animal shelter or contact an online rescue organization and choose a mutt, or if allergies are an issue, a rescue dog from the breed they want.

Let them open their hearts to a loving dog who doesn’t have a home and can’t understand why. Now there’s a tradition that should be as American as apple pie.


Some shelter dogs available for adoption right this minute.

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Certain purebred breeds do have one advantage: they’re less likely to be allergenic. If one of the kids has an allergy to dog dander the only choice might be a purebred from one of those breeds.

I’ve been told many times that this or that mixed breed (cockapoo, labradoodle, etc.) is “fine” for a person with allergies, but every time it’s been a problem for me.

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Hear, hear!

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I agree, Charlene. That’s why I also mentioned that another option is to choose a breed, and then get that kind of dog from a rescue group. Plenty of needy purebreds, too.

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Purebred dogs are overrated and overpriced. I’d settle for a chi-weenie any day!

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Great post – if you’re going to be serious about anything, this is a good topic. Too many sweet animals are put down every day because people are irresponsible pet owners. If Obama does get elected, I hope he will get the girls a rescue dog.

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[…] Please look at me, Senator! – Reuters BlogsIt seems Barack Obama has promised to get his daughters a dog after the election. You can even go to an American Kennel Club site and vote on a breed for them, in case the Obamas want your opinion. The AKC says, “presidential purebred dogs are as […]

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I volunteer with a rescue group and I’ve seen many dogs and cats in the shelters we work with who were put down shortly after our being there because there simply aren’t enough homes. Many of them purebred dogs, many of them highly adoptable. Thank you so much for writing about the reasons why Senator Obama should pick a rescue/shelter dog. I was thinking the same thing when I read about the AKC “poll.”

These dogs are so loving and are just waiting on someone to give them a chance.

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This isn’t even a close call. Of all his mis-steps lately, this one has to rank high. Vote for my dog? Dander pander. Get a shelter animal — or more than one — and don’t brag about it. It’s called doing the right thing.

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Obama – Do the Right Thing!!…

I read the following post on Oddly enough and was in such 101% agreement that I am bringing it to you as is,(even though it does smell of dog a bit…)

It seems Barack Obama has promised to get his daughters a dog after the election.
You can ev…

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I agree, Bob. I found my old dog, a Portuguese Water Dog, at the SPCA. He was the best dog ever.

But I would point out to John that it seems the AKC is running this vote itself. It doesn’t seem that the Obama family is actually involved. So holding it against the candidate seem somewhat unfair.

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I don’t think Senator Obama should be talking like that about hillary Clinton.

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You’re article inspired me to email Senator Obama and encourage him to go to the humane society or to rescue a dog.

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[…] Check out the full story at Reuters: Please Look at Me, Senator! […]

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There are lots of purebreds as well as crosses in shelters, so the family can choose whatever kind of pup they like.

Find a friend, and save a life :) Vote 1 a shelter puppy for Obama!

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Since Obama he isn’t going to win he will not need a Presidential Dog. If he decides to get his girls a dog after he loses he should definitely get one from an animal shelter.

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I agree with you, blogger. There are far too many animals in shelters for anyone to be so selfish as to have a dog bred for their tastes.
I own to shelter finds myself and couldn’t be happier with them.
Pugsly is a chow mix and Macy the husky/border collie mix- both beautiful loving dogs.

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I was told by an allergist to adopt a “long-haired” dog after a severe reaction to a short-haired mutt. I adopted a shih-tsu (possibly a lhasa apso or mix of the two) from a shelter and he is perfect–absolutely no allergic reactions,no shedding, smart and sweet. For a small (16 lb) dog he has a deep bark to alert the secret service (they were originally bred, I’m told, to alert the sleeping large dogs in the temples). Shih-tsus are not usually mentioned in a list of hypoallergenic dogs, but they are.

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