Toss me another tourist, Toro!

July 10, 2008

pamplona-2-220.jpgDear Mama and Papa Bull, it’s exciting here in Pamplona! I can sure see why us bulls love the annual Running of the Tourists!

I feel a little guilty, though. Face it. If these people had any brains they wouldn’t be out jogging with huge honking bulls. Then they drink gallons of wine, just to give us even more of an edge!

Yesterday I suddenly just sat down, Ferdinand-style, and that really confused them. I sneered at this guy in a red shirt, and I think he soiled his pants right there!

The trick is to poke and toss the tourists just for fun, but not hurt ’em enough to get into trouble. Today we might just squash the whole bunch of them, then go for paella. I tell you, it’s just a shame we don’t know which ones are studying to be matadors!

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pamplona-1-360.jpgAbove: Runner falls on top of a bull during the running of the bulls in Pamplona, July 9, 2008. REUTERS/ Susana Vera

Below: Bull stops in the middle of the street in Pamplona,  Spain, July 9, 2008.  REUTERS/ Joseba Etxaburu

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Wow! I didn’t know the UT Longhorns were so popular in Spain! Hook ‘Em Horns!

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

The running of the bulls is animal cruelty and should be outlawed.

Posted by mparis66 | Report as abusive

‘The running of the bulls is animal cruelty and should be outlawed.
– Posted by mparis66 ‘

I agree. Lets round up guys like the one in the red shirt instead and let them run through an old Star Trek episode. ar-trek-red-s.html haracter)

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

I agree about the cruelty factor. I wouldn’t have a problem if the bulls just charged around at a red cloth for a bit, and then retired to the country at the end of the event. Unfortunately, it is considered sport to taunt the bull, and then to stab it to death with spears. Absolutely barbaric.

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