Señor Jiffy Pop, you’re exploding!

July 15, 2008

matador-and-woman-120.jpgOh brother, can I pick ’em or what? On the Internet, this guy seemed so normal, but then I meet him in person…

He told me online he “works with animals.” Yeah. Turns out he tortures them to death!

He also said he’s a snappy dresser. Jeez Louise, he’s got a jacket decorated with 6,000 pieces of unpopped popcorn beaded together! It’ll be fun to see what happens when the intense July sun heats up those kernels out in the bull ring.

At least I had a chance to slather grease all over his sword handle when he wasn’t looking. When he tries poking that thing into some poor bull, Señor Jiffy Pop is in for quite a surprise. 

matador-and-woman-360.jpgSpanish bullfighter Jose Prados “El Fundi” adjusts his costume before a bullfight on the eighth day of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona July 13, 2008. REUTERS/Dani Cardona

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Oh, poor me! San Fermin Festival is over. But we have the good feeling of watching runners dressed in white enjoying themselves with death, wine and life.
Wonderful life!

Posted by armstrongfl | Report as abusive

What has happened to journalistic integrity? You seem to assign any story about bullfighting to somebody who is already prejudiced against the spectacle. As an award-winning print and broadcast journalism, I am appaled. You’re too fine a publication to sink to such depths. You should be ashamed.

Posted by Lyn Sherwood | Report as abusive

Lyn, have you ever heard of the word “satire” before?

Posted by Charlene | Report as abusive

very funny satire! Anyone that doesn’t think this is funny has got a problem. It’s just like anything else that Iwould consider very funny/humorous like for instance “fargo”/dark humor or “brother where art thou’?

It’s funny, satire, dark humor, whatever else u want to call it, it’s still funny.

and no bullfighting is not a ‘sport’. It’s sick when the animals are defenseless but herein is not the point.

It still is very funny.

Did u see the one about the Yemen lawyer taking off his clothes for no reason? duh

Posted by BOBBIE | Report as abusive

Is it me, or is he sucking in his gut to fasten his pants?

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

Guiri´s News es todo lo que veo en este blog, Did you pretend to be sarcastic with that kind of adventured critic? Oh, my God! I think you missed the point long ago.

Posted by paco | Report as abusive