Yumpin’ Yemeni, his pants are off!

July 15, 2008

trousers-2-160.jpgIt’s time again for Things Maybe We Should Have Explained in a Caption, but Didn’t. Today, we see a photo of a lawyer holding a news conference in Yemen, except wait! He’s taking off his clothes!

Our caption does recognize that he is removing his trousers. It says he is explaining  inmate mistreatment, but it doesn’t say if these two facts are connected. For all I know, “news conference” is just a euphemism for stripping in Yemen.

It could be like, “We’re goin’ to Joey’s bachelor party tonight. I hope they have some chicks to put on a news conference for us!” Or “Mr.  Jones, the doctor will be in to see you soon. Please news conference yourself and wait on that examining table.”

This needs to be sorted out before some U.S. presidential candidate agrees to hold a “news conference” in Yemen.

trousers-300.jpgU.S. lawyer David Remes, who represents 16 Yemeni prisoners held at the Guantanamo Bay military base in Cuba, takes his trousers off during a news conference in Sanaa, Yemen, July 14, 2008. Remes, who was explaining to journalists the mistreatment that the inmates say they are subjected to, called on the Yemeni government to push for the release of around 100 Yemeni citizens from Guantanamo Bay. REUTERS/Khaled Abdullah

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Gives new meaning to the press “briefing.”