I can text-message with my bosom!

July 21, 2008

Quick quiz: The German phrase on this fashion model’s chest translates to…

model-german-words-120.jpga) “How’s my driving?”

b) “I can text-message with my bosom!”

c) “Help me get this ridiculous pink thing off my head!”

d) “Your call is very important to us”

I’m told it may mean “Fashion is a beautiful charade.” Then again, it may relate to that Schiller dude, whose missing skull is the stupidest story of the year, and his concept of an aesthetic illusion. Or, if the model is using her navel for punctuation, that could change everything.

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model-german-0718-300.jpgA model shows a creation from the label ‘Susanne Wiebe’ during ‘Fashionweek Berlin Spring Summer 2009 ‘ in Berlin, July 17, 2008. REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz

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“Fashion is a beautiful charade.” Ah, that’s nice. How deeply moving it must have been to all the people attending the fashion show.

The designer should be careful though, they might stay home next time and just appreciate the puffy clouds…

Wait… actually he’s making it fashionable to deride fashion… so that means they’ll come back to see the fashion deriding fashions for the spring…

…my brain hurts…

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Not many women can text message with their bosoms. It’s all too easy to confuse your cellphone with a live baby bat.

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[…] 5. I can text-message with my bosom! […]

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