Do you smell captured car thief?

July 22, 2008

mercedes-0721-crop-180.jpgBlog Guy, my car got stolen last week and I’m furious! Is there any real progress on theft-prevention?

For sure. Have you seen the new Mercedes-Benz MS (Maximum Security) model in this photo? It is SO cool! The new security system tracks a would-be thief, snags him around the legs, hoists him upside-down on a retractable pole and holds him until police arrive.

Awesome! And is there anything, you know, beyond that?

Yes, another car maker is working on an MSV (Maximum Security Vigilante) model. It’s similar to the MS, except for the addition of boiling wax, electricity and flames. The police don’t even need to bother showing up, if you take my meaning.

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mercedes-0721-300.jpgAn acrobat performs above Mercedes-Benz CLS 350 during its unveiling ceremony in Seoul July 21, 2008.  REUTERS/Ben Weller

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That’ll teach him not to wear a scarf when driving a convertible.

Oh, well; it could have been worse…

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Don’t you just hate car salesman groupies? Always hanging around the dealership trying anything to get noticed…

“Helloooo! Look at me! Imagine if you were to take me home… or to the tour bus… back room deal room maybe?”

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are they also present in car services?

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