Does it come with a pocket protector?

August 1, 2008

winglet-2-160.jpg Blog Guy, I’ve been riding a Segway for a couple of years now, but I don’t feel I’ve lost enough of my dignity. Is there anything that can make me look like even more of a nerd?

I get this question a lot from Segway riders. If you want to truly get in touch with your inner nincompoop, help is on the way.

Toyota has unveiled the Winglet, sure to be a ridicule-magnet. It has a top speed of 3.7 miles an hour – faster than walking but not fast enough to get away from a jeering mob with torches and pitchforks.

Toyota didn’t say when it will start selling the Winglet, or how much it will cost. A company executive said, “We first have to gauge the reaction of the people.”

Oh yeah? I’d like to be in on that.

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winglet-1-260.jpgA Toyota manager demonstrates the company’s Winglet “M” personal transport assistance robot in front of an “L” model (R, on stage) in Tokyo, August 1, 2008. REUTERS/Michael Caronna

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I guess that’s a carrying handle protruding up in the middle there? That uh…. I’m not sure… Well, it just looks a little treacherous sticking up in that particular spot, doesn’t it?

What would you call the people using those things? Nerdlets? Nooblets?

I know…dateless.

I believe they’re called Wingcompoops…

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And if they use it for too long, they can be called sopranos.

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