We’re experiencing turbulence, hang on to your pole!

August 7, 2008

Hey, Blog Guy – Do you believe all this stuff the airlines are starting to charge extra for? Aisle seats, pillows, soft drinks… How far can they go with this?

biplanes-2-360.jpgThat’s only the beginning. Check out this video clip . One airline is standing passengers against upright poles on top of old biplanes.

Oh my God! They’re strapping people to POLES?

Well, a strap costs extra, but it’s worth it on trips over four hours.

Amazing! Any advice for people flying like this?

Yeah. Try to avoid travel to winter destinations.

Hey! If you fly up there, how do you go to the bathroom?

Oh, please! Do I have to draw you a diagram?

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???? what’s the deal with this?

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Wing walking was very popular in the teens and 1920’s [there’s a great old movie called The Great Waldo Pepper] but I didn’t know it had become popular again. This chick clearly has no fear of dead bug goop on her pretty dress.

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