Archery: I remember yew…

August 10, 2008

archery-arrows-120.jpgYou know, if you look at pictures of Olympic events from past years, there’s a certain comfortable continuity. The tools of the sport – swimming pools, hurdles – look pretty much the same…

Except, what the frick are those guys using in the archery event? Those gizmos look like Inspector Gadget teamed up on a science project with Rube Goldberg!

Robin Hood managed to become legendary with a hand-crafted yew bow, and if he landed at the archery event in Beijing today, he wouldn’t have a clue what was going on.

Then again, with his criminal record and his issues with authority, I guess Robin would have more to worry about than the shape of longbows.

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archery-360.jpgleft: Yun Ok-hee of South Korea at Beijing Olympic Games, August 10, 2008.

right: Sky Kim Ha-neul of Australia at Beijing Olympic Games, August 9, 2008.

   REUTERS photos by Ruben Sprich

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‘Anything you can do I can do better…’

“Look! see? I can get this line right down the middle of my face!”

“Oh yeah? Well I can do it with glasses on!…Hmm… maybe we shouldn’t face each other while we play this game…”

Posted by Bandage | Report as abusive

Archery? Take a look at the rifles! And I doubt that Blackbeard would recognize those sabres either.

Posted by Ben | Report as abusive

I’m not looking at the bows as much as I’m looking at those bucket hats. Those guys are rockin’ some sexy headgear.

Posted by Krista | Report as abusive

those hats are to keep the sun from the eyes and not interfear with the string same with the sun glasses

Posted by philmire | Report as abusive