Make way for the cheater, eBay for the cheater!

August 13, 2008

Quick quiz: You find graphic evidence that your husband has been unfaithful. You…

a) toss his cheating butt out on the street with the evidence close behind

b) hand the evidence over to your lawyer and take hubby to the cleaners

c) put the evidence up for sale on eBay

ebay-page-300.jpgPay attention, folks! If it’s humiliating, tawdry or tacky, you can make money out of it, which is what a wife is doing with the lacy black panties and condom wrapper she found in her bed.

Adding insult to injury, her ad stresses the condom is small, and the panties are very large.

But here’s the really scary thing. She’s only selling a PHOTO of the panties, because it turns out eBay prohibits selling used underwear . Now, this is news! If it’s necessary for them to make a rule like that, then this counts as another genuine sign of the upcoming Apocalypse!

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Screenshot of eBay listing taken on August 13, 2008.

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Bob, you innocent little sunbeam you…trust me, the rule is there for a very good reason.

If it weren’t, eBay would be a few million richer.

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So, not that I am proud of it, but at one point I dated someone who I discovered was selling their used underwear for profit. Apparently her underwear was so popular, she couldn’t keep up with demand and started asking friends to wear underwear she provided to replenish her supply… That is how I found out about this “side job”.

Thanks Robert! And you know that I had to blog about it!

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[…] at Oddly Enough, Robert posted an article about a wife who caught her husband cheating and had an interesting way […]

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Holy Goldmine, Batman! Did you guys see what she’s getting? As I write this she’s up to $24,100.00!

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