Wow, you’re even better-looking in person!

August 27, 2008


Blog Guy, can you please settle a bet for me and my friends? Who is the best-looking guy in the world today?

Women tell me it’s George Clooney, for sure.

Cool. Then what can other guys do to look more like him?

Well, the main thing is the suit. A dude like that spends four, maybe five hundred bucks on a single suit, so of course he’s going to look great. Oh. And wear a tie, too.

A nice suit and tie? That’s his secret?

Pretty much, but to really clinch the deal, you should tape this picture of Clooney next to your bathroom mirror and practice looking like him. You know, do funny stuff with your eyes, make a Hollywood smile… In no time, women will start thinking you’re him, just like they do with me.

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Actor George Clooney arrives for a charity dinner in Venice, Italy, August 26, 2008. REUTERS/Max Rossi

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OK, I confess, I just don’t understand why women think he is hot. With his goofy expression here he looks like he is trying to dodge the 5,000 women he has “dated” over the years.

The pearly whites look like they spend the night in a glass by the bed.

The skin looks like fine Corinthian leather.


Posted by Dee T | Report as abusive

Beauty is skin deep and lasts only a short while. Too bad so many women (and some men) are so obsessed with things (looks, celebrity status, etc) that can so easily deceive them. Readers probably should not reveal how shallow they are. Dee T., having great teeth is a bad thing? What crazy world do you come from? Good health can hinge on the care you give your mouth.

Posted by Dana H. | Report as abusive

I think he needs to get over himself because someone lied to him and told him he looks good. He’s a goof. He should be doing denture commercials with those bad boys someone get me some sunglasses im blinded by his theeth their so white… I like a reall man like Christiano Ronaldo (soccer player for Portugal)now thats a fine man with all the right assets!!!

Posted by Pasqua | Report as abusive

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You think he only spends $400 or $500 on a suit? Times that by 10 and you might be right.

Posted by em | Report as abusive

[…] your advice on how average guys can look just like George Clooney, but I’m outraged over that Clooney photo you used in your blog, with his eyes all googly and everything! It was […]

Posted by What if his face freezes like that? | Oddly Enough Blog | Report as abusive