Here’s the President and his poodle, Fifi!

August 28, 2008


It seems someone is playing a big practical joke on Barack Obama.

A few weeks ago, the American Kennel Club began a national poll where people could vote on what breed of dog Obama should get for his daughters. So 42,000 people voted, and the winner was the POODLE!

Excuse me? Do you want to see your President walking along behind a dog like this with a pooper scooper? Plus, in the famous Dogs Playing Poker series of genuine artwork, the poodles are just observers. What kind of signal is that?

I said at the time in a post called Please look at me, Senator, and I still say, the classiest thing Obama could do is give a mutt from a shelter or a dog from a rescue breed organization a deserving  home. That’s a GREAT message, and it sure beats carrying some fluffy thing named Babette up the Air Force One ramp for the next four years.

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above: Dogs Playing Poker

below: Handler runs with poodle after winning the non-sporting group at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York, February 11, 2008. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

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Poodles are great kid dogs. I grew up next door to a family that had a big ol’ standard poodle who probably weighed 75 pounds. Mitch was the best dog ever – loved to play, lots of fun, smart as a whip, loyal to his master, gentle to kids. The only problem was that poodles don’t shed, so they had to take him in to be clipped down every two or three months. Sometimes he came back with an, um, interesting haircut, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t the greatest dog ever. After all, dog doesn’t know he’s got a foofy haircut.

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I resent the implication that Poodles are nancy little dogs. They come in three sizes, and I happen to have two Standards. They are wonderful family dogs, extremely intelligent and loyal, and they are good guard dogs too. They won’t savage a person, but their bark is enough to make an intruder think again. I think it would be wonderful to see any head of state with a poodle.

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