Refrain in Spain: Vote mainly for McCain!

September 5, 2008

spain-mccain-3-200.jpgBlog Guy, do our presidential candidates have any supporters in other countries?

Yes, I checked it out, and there is a very active group called Spain for McCain.

You didn’t check anything out. You just wanted to use that headline, didn’t you?

Maybe. But there is also an active Democratic group closer to our shores, in Nassau.

This better not be more of your juvenile garbage. What is it called?

Bahama for Obama.

That’s it! I’m never coming back here!

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Members of the “Spain for McCain” platform with a cardboard cutout of Republican presidential candidate John McCain in Madrid September 4, 2008. REUTERS/Susana Vera

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Oh mama,
vote for Obama!

That´s what children
say in the USA!

Best regards!
Armstrong Free Lance

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In the hills and hollows, up crick and down dale
Throwback revenants gnash teeth and send up a hail
The hicks from the sticks each one and each pair of
with a frenzied howl cry out for darlin’ Ms. Sarah
With a beating of drums and a blare of brass horns
The hillbillies and trailer trash are wailin’ for Palin!

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Nice job Steelsil:
but what happened to actual news on this website?
I don’t need jokes that make me question whether what I’m reading actually occurred.

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There are small groups (and a few large groups) of Americans scattered all over the world, and of course, they can vote absentee.

I once attended a Democratic caucus in Taiwan.

There’s a very large group up in Canada. We’re everywhere, we disguise ourselves among the local population, and we tuck our accents in unless we meet another American (it’s like gaydar. You just know.)

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